this is an ass.

yes, this is an ass.

and yes, these are boobs.

…what about, the face?

yeah sure.

but i mean.


why not after all.

but if that’s what’s going on, let’s go for it then.

if we’re going to be all about asses and boobs.

let’s really be all about them.

if we’re going to look at them only.

let’s really look at them.

with delicacy.

with curiosity.

with generosity.

with love.

for each and every detail.

the outlines of that buttock.

the way the water underlines its shape.

the marks that time has drawn on her hip.

her hairs, beautifully gilded by the light.

her hair, dancing on her lower belly.

the shadows of her neckless caressing her chest.

the birth of her breasts.

the way their curve changes when she holds herself like that.

right here, right now.

this is an ass.

these are boobs.

but there is so much to be seen in them.

so much we must learn in the way we look at them.